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                                 A Woman of Many Dimensions...

                                                             A Woman of Triumph...

                                A   Woman of  Faith

"For much of my life I struggled...


When in reality God gave me the all the tools I needed to succeed.


In Him my life is blessed and with Him, He is all I need..."


Singer, Songwriter, Psalmist , Evangelist, Producer and Artist...Christina Elise uses her ministry, artistry and gifts to help others to cope with the challenges of life.  A woman who has had to weather several storms in life, gives glory and honor to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for bringing her out and giving her something to sing about.


Having enduring many challenges and hardships, she has overcome a lot. Through her trials and testimony, Christina strives to let her story be heard through her music, ministry and heart.


Growing up in a musical household, the grandaughter of the late, great saxophonist-Elvin Shepherd, out of Buffalo, NY, and the daughter of a talented pianist and music minister, Walter Hamilton Jr.; Music was in her blood from the beginning.  As a child, Christina developed many gifts including singing, songwriting, writing poems and books, as well as her involvement in the visual and liberal arts fields and production.


Christina's love for God and music carried her through the challenges she faced and she began writing and producing music and other works at a young age. Attending an Arts school, she majored in music and visual arts, while working extensively in communications, theater and dance.  She was also dedicated in her involvement of youth ministry and work in the community. She would later go on to work in several media and news outlets including hosting and writing for an entertainment show on Buffalo's WKBW Channel 7, Late Night Noise. She also modeled in several publications (Artefak Magazine, Dobbs), competed in pageants where she was a finalist (Miss Buffalo and Miss Greater Erie), appeared in several shows, as well as contributed work appearing on Fox's Prison Break and other nationwide productions and commercials. In addition, she appeared in several plays and productions including the Little Shop of Horrors.


A graduate of the Univesity of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (Broadcasting), Christina continued utilizing her gifts and education to help produce several shows, news stories, commercials and jingles. She is also web and graphics designer for her website, and promotional material. Utilizing her skills, Christina also began a media organization for college students is currently the writer and producer for her new show, CHRIST-IN-A's WORLD and other video podcasts, that are currently broadcast on her  YouTube Channel (Christina Elise Music), which highlights her story, life, music, ministry, and heart.


In spite of her accomplishments, Christina faced many setbacks and had to fight just to survive. Facing such trials, Christina had to go much of her life alone, misguided and confused until Jesus came in and made the difference. Giving all praise and honor to God, Christina remains humble and grounded as her overall desire is to serve God and to encourage and help others to trust in Jesus, and know Him and His love.






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